Our Firm Helps Families Recover from Work-Related Deaths

A lawyer at Murphy Law Firm can help you collect compensation for funeral expenses and future loss of wages after the loss of a family member due to a work-related death. A work-related death can happen in a variety of ways and it is important to identify the cause when seeking reimbursement. A crucial component of this type of case is proving the death was the direct result of a policy, negligent behavior, or action or inaction on the part of the employer. The compassionate attorneys at Murphy Law Firm in Great Falls, MT, focus heavily on workers' compensation issues and take on these challenging cases for the benefit of the family left behind.

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Compensation can cover funeral expenses, loss of future wages, and other damages.

How Work-Related Deaths Occur

Not all jobs require employees to sit in an office and work at a computer for the majority of the day. There are several types of employment that come with hazards and a high risk of injury. Among the most common are jobs in the oil field, coal mines, and working for a railroad company. Workers in these professions are subjected to an increased chance of getting hurt from:

  • Falls from ladders or other high places on construction sites
  • Being struck by a falling object, hurt my malfunctioning heavy machinery, suffering fatal burns during a fire, exposure to harmful chemicals, or being electrocuted
  • Car and truck accidents, when driving is essential to carry out job duties
  • Altercations with other workers, or exposure to dangerous animals
  • Slip and falls

Many of these types of accidents are so severe that the victim ultimately loses their life. In 2016, the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OHSA) reported 5,190 work-related deaths in these types of circumstances. Unfortunately, work-related deaths rose for the third year in a row. Work-related deaths are not limited to manual labor jobs but are increasing in other areas as well, such as the food service industry and sales jobs.

How a Lawyer Can Help

Making a demand for compensation in these cases requires proving that the death was the direct result of an on-the-job injury and that the employer was liable for the injury. This requires proving negligence through a lack of training, maintaining an unsafe work environment, implementation of hazardous policies, or turning a blind eye to a dangerous condition.

When workers are injured and ultimately die from workplace accidents, those left behind suffer. Our attorneys fight for nothing less than full compensation.

Once liability has been established, the family of a deceased worker can look to the employer, manufacturer of faulty equipment, or an insurance policy for reimbursement of the damages suffered. The damages available include repayment of:

  • Medical bills
  • Replacement of lost income
  • Costs of final arrangements

In the most extreme case, victims may receive an award of punitive damages. Claims can be made in a civil setting, or even through the workers' compensation system. The goal is to fully compensate the family for the loss while helping to prevent a similar accident in the future.

Learn More about Your Options

If your loved one passed due to an employe's negligence, we can help you get the compensation you deserve. Please contact our office online or call us today at (406) 452-2345.

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