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If you have suffered a work-related injury or work-related illness, Murphy Law Firm in Great Falls, MT, can help you secure the compensation you need to recover physically and emotionally. You may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits and may also have standing to pursue a third-party civil lawsuit. Our attorneys are dedicated to helping injured and disabled victims and families. To schedule a free consultation and case review, contact our office today.

Types of Work Injuries

Work-related injuries occur in virtually all occupations. In Montana, they most commonly happen in agriculture, manufacturing, health services, food services, and construction. In our practice, we have seen a great number of injuries and illness in the following employment areas:

Oil Fields: Many Montana workers migrate to North Dakota to work in the oil fields, and a number have been injured in serious accidents. There have been fires, explosions, and other incidents caused by dangerous equipment. There are also cases of cumulative, long-term problems due to exposure to chemicals and repetitive motion.

Manual Labor: A wide array of industries involve manual labor with dangerous machinery and working conditions. In agriculture, solar power, and construction, workers are often injured by equipment, falls from heights, and other accidents.

Health Care: Nursing home assistants, nurses, and technicians can be prone to work-related injuries. Their job duties often include moving patients from gurneys to beds or surgical tables and lifting heavy boxes of supplies. There is also potential for exposure to communicable diseases and dangerous chemicals.

Motor Vehicle Accidents: Severe personal injuries from automobile and truck crashes are common in any industry or business. An accident can occur while transporting goods or traveling to a business meeting. Drivers injured on the clock can receive workers’ compensation and simultaneously pursue a civil claim against the at-fault party.

Several types of catastrophic injuries can result from these situations, such as traumatic brain injury, burn injuries, loss of limb, or vision loss

Understanding Workers’ Compensation

By law, injured workers are entitled to receive medical care and other financial benefits through workers’ compensation. Workers’ compensation can provide payments to make up for lost wages, and provide ongoing benefits for permanent injuries. In case of a work-related fatality, families may be eligible for death benefits.

However, the claims process can be confusing, and many claimants are subject to denials or minimized benefits. The fact is, some insurance-approved doctors are motivated to minimize worker injuries and terminate your disability status early. Injured or ill workers are sometimes denied appropriate treatment and medication, and are not allowed to see certain specialists. If you are partially or fully disabled, you may not receive adequate, long-term support.

Murphy Law has a reputation for results for injured workers. We are consistently ranked among the top workers’ compensation law firms in the state.

The attorneys at Murphy Law, assist workers caught in these types of situations. In case of serious injury or death of a loved one, you should contact us as soon as possible. We can help with an initial claim and handle your entire case, including representing you in a mediation appeal or workers’ compensation court. If your employer has acted grievously or subjects you to discriminatory practices related to your claim, you may have a civil lawsuit.

Our firm handles personal injury actions involving third parties, such as the manufacturer of a faulty product used at work. If a careless driver caused your injury, you can also pursue damages in a civil lawsuit. Permanently injured victims may also be eligible for social security disability.

Contact Us about Your Injury

Whether it occurs on- or off-site, a work-related injury may mean you are entitled to workers' compensation, and the attorneys at Murphy Law Firm can help you secure the compensation you need to recover physically and emotionally. Murphy Law has a reputation for results for injured workers. We are consistently ranked among the top workers’ compensation law firms in the state. Contact us today to speak to a lawyer or schedule a free consultation. 

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