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Accidental injury can be life-altering, with repercussions that can be immediate and long-standing. If you or a loved one has suffered a serious personal injury, such as a burn injury or vision loss, the personal injury lawyers at Murphy Law Firm in Great Falls, MT, will help you secure maximum financial compensation. Practicing locally for over four decades, our attorneys assist victims of motor vehicle accidents, workplace injuries, and more. To schedule your free consultation, contact Murphy Law Firm today.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

A high-speed traffic collision or rollover accident can result in devastating injuries, such as a traumatic brain injury. These types of accidents occur too frequently, causing hundreds of thousands of injuries each year. In any catastrophic roadway crash, the question of fault and liability is immediately important.

We work hard to prove the facts of your case. We thoroughly investigate the accident to prove liability, and to substantiate your present and future damages.

If your injuries were caused by a negligent, careless, or drunk driver, you are entitled to compensation for medical treatment, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other losses. In fact, you may be entitled to collect damages even if you are partially to blame for a collision.

In Montana, a plaintiff can recover damages as long as his or her liability is 50 percent or less, though degree of fault will impact the amount of recoverable compensation. For this reason, it is important to contact a personal injury attorney as soon as possible after an accident.

The other party’s insurance adjuster may try to deflect blame upon you and minimize your claim, but our accident attorneys work hard to prove the facts of your case. We thoroughly investigate the accident to prove liability, and to substantiate your present and future damages.

Accidents at Work

Life-changing injuries can happen in various circumstances, including at work. Each year, thousands of Montana employees are seriously, and sometimes permanently, injured at work or experience a chronic employment-related illness. If you are injured by an equipment accident, exposure, or work-related transportation accident, you will likely be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits.

Our firm can help you complete a workers’ compensation claim or a civil suit, depending upon the circumstances. In some cases, there is third party liability, such as a car accident while driving your work vehicle, or an equipment manufacturer's faulty product.

Wrongful Death

If an accident or incident results in the death of your loved one, our firm can help you recover wrongful death compensation. The loss of a loved one leaves a devastating void, impossible to replace with a dollar figure, but compensation can help provide space to heal and rebuild. In addition to deep emotional losses, monetary damages in these cases include funereal expenses and loss of future financial support.

Workers' compensation laws provide death benefits for families of employees who lose their lives to job-related injury or illness. Murphy Law Firm is one of the only Montana firms that vigorously pursues wrongful death compensation after an employee is killed due to the negligence of a contractor or other third party. 

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Our dedicated, compassionate attorneys understand the ramifications of a severe accident on victims and families. We have helped many clients recover significant compensation settlements and awards. Contact Murphy Law Firm today to schedule a free, personal consultation.

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