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Helping Dave Hansen Receive Medical and Wage-Loss Benefits

Matt Murphy Nov 17, 2018

Dave Hansen at Murphy Law FirmThose who have suffered an on-the-job injury know that recovery can take a long time. Thats why workers’ compensation benefits are integral to making a full recovery, providing a safety net that covers lost wages, medical treatment, and the cost of living. Thomas J. Murphy and his team of lawyers have established a strong reputation in Great Falls, MT because we fight to ensure client receive workers compensation benefits when claims are blocked or denied.

The team at Murphy Law Firm would like to share another video testimonial of a client who has benefited from our diligent legal representation. His name is Dave Hansen. His story illustrates the importance of fighting for your rights even when circumstances seem stacked against you.

About Dave’s Case

Dave experienced a serious injury that required medical treatment. Rather than receiving workers’ compensation for his medical bills and lost wages, all of his benefits were denied. It turns out that Dave’s employer and his insurance provider joined together to prevent him from receiving rightful medical benefits and wage loss benefits. Without these benefits, Dave would have to shoulder all of the losses associated with his injury on his own.

How Our Attorneys Helped Dave

Dave came to our law firm to seek the wage loss and medical benefits he was denied. We fought diligently to help Dave get the benefits he was entitled to given the circumstances of his injury and the nature of his needs while recovering from the injury.

After months of litigation, discussing, and legal fighting, Dave was paid all of the benefits he needed and deserved. That means both wage loss benefits and coverage for his medical expenses. Dave continues to receive these benefits today.

Our Attorneys Never Stop Fighting for Clients

Even though these legal battles over insurance benefits can take months, we at Murphy Law Firm believe they are always worth fighting. In Dave’s case, he would have been unfairly and unjustly fending for himself to cover all of the expenses related to his injury.

Yet thanks to diligent legal counsel and our tenacious approach to representing our clients, we were able to make sure the system worked for Dave rather than moneyed interests. It’s this fight and the belief in helping workers that drives our legal team each and every day.

In Dave’s Own Words

Dave’s heartfelt video testimonial speaks to the legal counsel that we provide and why it is invaluable for people who have been denied work injury benefits. “Murphy Law Firm was in my corner every step,” he said. This included being kept up-to-date with phone calls and communications as his case unfolded. “Anything I needed, they were there,” he added. “I would recommend Murphy Law Firm to anybody.”

We’re glad to share Dave’s story, and know that his story is the reality for many injured workers throughout Montana. Remember that we are here for you.

Learn More About Your Legal Options

For more information about your legal rights following a workplace injury, be sure to contact an experienced work accident lawyer. Our attorneys are here to help you. Murphy Law Firm Can be reached by phone at (406) 452-2345.

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