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Helping Timothy Clark Get His Workers’ Compensation Coverage

Tom Murphy Sep 30, 2018

Timothy Clark talking about workers' compensationAn on-the-job injury can change your life in so many ways. Sometimes these injuries result in long-term disability, requiring regular medical care to help address ongoing health needs. Work injuries like these are why workers’ compensation is so essential. Workers’ compensation benefits cover lost wages and medical expenses, which can mean a lot to households struggling as a result of an injured loved one. Great Falls, MT attorney Thomas J. Murphy has helped countless people throughout the state with their work injury issues, which includes restoring workers’ compensation benefits and appealing denied claims.

One client we’d like to focus on is Timothy Clark. His situation speaks to so many struggles that families face each day if they are denied workers’ compensation benefits. After reading his story and how we’ve helped, we encourage you to contact the Murphy Law Firm with your questions and concerns.

About Timothy’s Case

Tim sustained a serious injury on the job and received some workers’ compensation benefits initially. Suddenly, the insurer stopped paying benefits even though he was still recovering. This left his family in serious financial hardship given the loss of any income.

How Our Lawyers Helped Timothy

When the Murphy Law Firm took Timothy’s case, it had been 3.5 months since he’d received any wage loss benefits through workers’ compensation. Our lawyers were able to resolve these issues quickly, restoring the wage loss payments to Timothy and his family.

Timothy’s story is an ongoing fight, and we are with him every step of the way. Our law firm is now pursuing additional medication assistance as part of his workers’ compensation benefits, which Timothy has deserved from the beginning.

Why Workers’ Compensation Is Crucial

As we noted above, workers’ compensation benefits help cover lost wages following an on-the-job injury, and can also help cover the medical treatment of injuries or illnesses related to harm sustained at work. Without these benefits, it’s easy to slide into financial difficulties. Even just one or two months without income can means the difference between living with dignity and being in dire straits.

When honest people like Timothy are denied their workers’ compensation benefits, our lawyers are here to fight.

In Timothy’s Own Words

Timothy’s video testimonial speaks to the importance of seeking our a workers’ compensation lawyer when your benefits have been cut off. After contacting Tom Murphy, the results were fast. “As soon as [Tom] contacted them, I received my benefits within a week,” Timothy explained. “I got my medication, I got my TDT benefits. I started getting money, checks rolling in, to support my family.”

This is why we continue to fight for Timothy and people like him. There is so much at stake with workers’ comp when people are injured. If we can help families with injury recovery, rehabilitation, or living with dignity, we will.

Contact Our Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

For more information about your legal options after an on-the-job injury, we encourage you to contact our workers’ compensation lawyers. The attorneys at the Murphy Law Firm are here to hero you. You can reach our lawyers by phone at (406) 452-2345.

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