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Dealing with Damages from Construction Accidents and Crush Injuries

Matt Murphy Aug 30, 2018

Construction siteCertain fields of work are known to be more dangerous than others, and few rank higher in terms of accidents than construction workers. Although construction workers are aware that their employment carries a degree of risk, that doesn’t mean that they are without rights should an accident occur.

Construction accidents can lead to serious injuries, and construction companies and all those who work on a construction site are responsible for meeting certain safety requirements to minimize the risk of an accident. If these standards are not met, and an accident occurs, the injury victim has a right to financial damages. Construction accidents and crush injuries are particularly damaging. The Great Falls, MN attorneys at the Murphy Law Firm can assist victims of construction accidents and crush injuries in seeking the financial compensation they are due for their losses.

Causes of Crush Injuries

A crush injury can occur when a heavy object falls onto a person, or when an individual becomes pinned between two heavy objects (or between a heavy object and the ground). Since a construction site often contains heavy equipment and machinery, the risk of a crush injury is high.

Some of the types of construction accidents that most commonly lead to crush injuries include:

  • Machinery accidents: A large piece of construction machinery can pin or run over a construction worker with enough force to cause a crush injury. Whether equipment is moving quickly or slowly, injury damage can be severe. Construction machinery and equipment that can cause a crush injury include cranes, pistons, forklifts, and bobcats.
  • Falling objects: In addition to heavy equipment and machinery, construction sites often contain heavy objects, such as tools and building materials. If any of these objects become loose and fall, they can cause a crush injury. Construction workers are required to wear helmets to protect their heads, but these do not protect the limbs or other appendages of the body.
  • Trench or scaffolding collapse: Construction workers often work on high scaffolding or within deep trenches. To prevent a collapse, these areas need strong support. Without proper support, a trench or scaffold may collapse, either of which could lead to a crush injury.

Damages from Crush Injuries

Crush injuries are known to be some of the most damaging types of construction site injuries. In severe cases, a crush injury can even lead to death. Even if an accident victim is fortunate enough to survive a crush injury, the damages can be catastrophic, often resulting in lifelong consequences.

Victims of construction accidents and crush injuries have a right to seek financial compensation for a full range of damages, including medical expenses, long-term rehabilitation or medical care, the cost of medical equipment, lost wages, the loss of wage-earning potential, and pain and suffering. The construction accident attorneys at the Murphy Law Firm will carefully consider the details of each case to maximize financial compensation for our clients.

Learn More

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in a construction accident involving crush injuries, you should work with an experienced construction accident attorney to protect your legal rights. Contact us at your earliest convenience to learn more about your legal options from the experienced team at the Murphy Law Firm.

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