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Construction Scaffolding Accidents: Work Injury Lawsuits

Matt Murphy Jun 21, 2018

Construction workers on scaffoldingAccording to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), roughly 2.3 million construction workers perform their job on scaffolds every year. That’s roughly 65 percent of all construction workers in the United States. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that scaffolding accidents result in around 60 fatalities and 4,500 worker injuries annually.

The nature of injuries and fatalities in these construction accidents can vary, but those involved in scaffolding incidents often experience serious head trauma, brain damage, spinal cord injuries, broken bones, and countless other injuries. If you or a loved on has been harmed in a scaffolding accident, our Great Falls, MT lawyers can help.

Falling Off of Scaffolds

One of the most common accidents, falls from scaffolds can result in catastrophic injuries. For construction workers who are high up on a scaffold, the injury could prove fatal, or have lifelong consequences.

Broken Planks on the Scaffolding

Sometimes the fall from the scaffold is the result of poor playing or support on the scaffold. In these cases, the planks may directly contribute to a fall, or result in other kinds of injuries, such as lacerations, contusions, and sprains.

Poorly Secured Scaffolding

Sometimes the planks are the only issue. Poorly assembled and insecure scaffolding could result in catastrophic accident. In the worst case scenario, part of all of the scaffolding may collapse, resulting in life-threatening injuries to multiple people as well as tremendous damage to property.

Head Injuries from Falling Objects

The scaffolding itself isn’t the only source of danger. Head injuries and other kinds of accidents can occur when objects fall from the scaffold below. Even with a hard hat, the injuries can be quite severe.

Issues with Weather Conditions

Rain, snow, and high winds can make scaffolds a hazard to work on and around. In these cases, it’s important that construction workers exercise additional caution. Work may need to be postponed in these cases, and any objects atop the scaffolding removed or secured to prevent injury.

Injuries to Innocent Bystanders

Construction workers aren’t the only people affected by scaffolding accidents. Innocent bystanders and pedestrians passing below the scaffolding can be injured as well. This is why all possible safety measures must be taken when it comes to scaffolding on or around busy streets.

Denial of Worker’s Compensation Claims

Following an scaffolding injury, a worker may be wrongly denied worker’s compensation benefits. This places additional hardship on an injured worker, who may not be able to cover their cost of living while they recover from their work injuries.

In these cases, a work injury attorney can assist with the appeal process. We can review documentation with you as well as the reason for the denial of your claim and help you receive the benefits that you are due.

Safety Problems at Your Construction Site

While some scaffolding injuries are purely accidental, there are times when construction companies may be to blame. In these cases, scaffolding may not have been erected properly, and perhaps not even abiding by common safety standards outlined by OSHA.

If this is the case, a construction accident lawyer can determine who was legally liable for the accident. A lawsuit may be brought against the construction company for putting people at risk and causing harm due to the unsafe working conditions.

Contact Murphy Law Firm

For more information about your legal rights and options following a scaffolding accident, be sure to contact our team of injury accident lawyers. We at Murphy Law Firm will offer our knowledge about construction accidents, worker’s compensation claims, and OSHA standards to help you in your time of legal need.

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