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On the Job Injuries from Manual Labor: Your Legal Options

Matt Murphy Dec 13, 2016

A construction worker with a hammerSerious injuries can have major consequences that go beyond a visit to an emergency room. There's the possibility of long-term disability, changes in mobility, and other serious issues that can alter your life and your livelihood. That is why we at Murphy Law Firm are here to help the people of Great Falls. Our expertise and focus on our clients is crucial in cases that involve major accidents.

Some of the most serious kinds of harm arise in work-related injury and workplace accidents. Those in manual labor are particularly at risk. Let's explore this issue right now.

Demanding Jobs Mean a Potential for Accidents

If you work in construction or at an industrial workplace, you know that there are many hazards of which you should be mindful. Dangers come in different forms, from machinery and vehicles, to falling objects and heavy loads, to power tools and harmful solvents, and possible slips and falls. You need to be attentive at all times, looking out for yourself and your co-workers.

In addition to common hazards of your workplace, the physical demands of your job can take their toll on your body. Torn muscles, back injuries, and repetitive stress on your joints can lead to soreness in the near-future and major problems years down the road.

Your employers should try to look out for your safety in various ways, from preventing falls to ensuring a healthier environment that won't lead to debilitating injuries.

Common Kinds of Manual Labor Injuries

Some common injuries experienced by people in manual labor include:

  • Head and brain injuries
  • Neck and back injuries
  • Torn muscles
  • Joint sprains
  • Ligament injuries
  • Burns
  • Respiratory damage
  • Crushing injuries

Whenever you are on the job, be sure to wear proper gear at all times, whether this means hard hats and safety vests or masks and gloves. Keep in mind that even when taking proper precautions, there is always a potential for an accident.

Some Injuries Can Have Long-Term Repercussions

As we noted above, injuries aren't always over after leaving the emergency room. There are many cases in which people who have been seriously injured experience major changes to mobility. Major spinal injuries can result in paralysis as well as problems with extremities. Head trauma can have tragic effects on a person's cognition and motor skills. These long-term injuries might lead to lasting disabilities that might have been prevented.

Legal Help for Injuries Caused by Negligence

If your workplace injury was the result of employer negligence or third-party negligence, it's important to seek help from a work injury lawyer. We can examine the evidence of your case and help you negotiate the complexities of work injury litigation. We will always fight for your best interests, tackling the legalese and filings while you focus on recovering and moving forward with life.

Assistance with Workers' Compensation Issues

Sometimes injured workers are denied workers' compensation benefits even though they are entitled to them. These kinds of issues can be very frustrating, particularly given your urgent needs while you recover from an injury. Our law firm can also assist with these matters to ensure you receive the insurance benefits to which you are entitled.

Learn More About Your Legal Options

For more information about your legal rights following a serious workplace injury, be sure to contact our team of personal injury and accident attorneys today. The team at Murphy Law Firm will help you seek damages or rightful benefits following your injury.

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