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Helping Dave Hansen Receive Medical and Wage-Loss Benefits

Matt Murphy Nov 17, 2018

Our attorneys helped Dave Hansen receive wage-loss and medical benefits after an injury. Our law firm helped him receive the benefits he deserves.

Helping Mike Neisinger Receive Benefits After a Workplace Injury

Matt Murphy Oct 17, 2018

After Mike Neisinger was denied worker’s compensation coverage following an on-the-job accident, Murphy Law Firm helped him receive benefits and coverage.

Helping Timothy Clark Get His Workers’ Compensation Coverage

Tom Murphy Sep 30, 2018

The Murphy Law Firm helped Timothy Clark receive workers’ compensation benefits. Our lawyers helped restore wage loss benefits and are seeking additional coverage.

Helping Victor Reents with Disability and Medical Benefits

Tom Murphy Sep 11, 2018

After suffering a serious injury in an accident in 1999, our law firm helped Victor Reents settle his indemnity claim on a total disability basis,…

Dealing with Damages from Construction Accidents and Crush Injuries

Matt Murphy Aug 30, 2018

The attorneys at Murphy Law Firm can assist victims of construction accidents and crush injuries in seeking compensation for damages.

Politics and the Hiring of Social Security Judges

Charla Tadlock Aug 3, 2018

On July 10, 2018, President Trump issued an executive order that changed the hiring process for Administrative Law Judges (ALJs).  Specifically, the executive order moved…

Opioid Medication for Injured Workers or Victims of Personal Injury

Matt Murphy Aug 1, 2018

Prescription medications, opioid medications in particular, draw a lot of controversy in today's medical discussions. On the one hand, many people believe these medications provide a safe and…

Construction Accidents Involving Cranes

Matt Murphy Jul 17, 2018

Victims of construction accidents involving cranes can work with the experienced attorneys at Murphy Law Firm to seek compensation for damages.

Construction Scaffolding Accidents: Work Injury Lawsuits

Matt Murphy Jun 21, 2018

Construction scaffolding accidents can lead to catastrophic injuries and fatalities. The Great Falls, MT attorneys of Murphy Law Firm go over causes of harm and…

Work-related Injuries in Health Care

Matt Murphy Jun 19, 2018

The team of workers’ compensation attorneys at Murphy Law Firm help victims of work-related injuries in health care receive compensation.

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