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Help For Termination of Benefits in a Worker’s Compensation Claim

Matt Murphy Mar 26, 2018

Murphy Law Firm handles on the job accidents in Missoula, MT. Termination of benefits in a worker’s compensation claim is a special undertaking. A skilled…

Understanding How Occupational Diseases Are Part Of Workers Compensati

Matt Murphy Mar 5, 2018

Murphy Law Firm in Billings, MT helps workers recover from job related injuries and illness. Occupational diseases are a byproduct of many jobs and deserve…

Knowledgeable Legal Help For SSD Qualifications

Matt Murphy Feb 12, 2018

Murphy Law Firm in Billings, MT helps you receive social security benefits. Payments cover more than retirement, if you are disabled you are also entitled…

Child Support Obligation Seeking Medicare Set Aside Funds?

Matt Murphy Jan 31, 2018

Is the state of Montana trying to execute a lien against your medicare set aside ("MSA") funds? If they can obtain access to this money,…

Appealing Workers' Compensation Claim Denials: What Are the Steps?

Matt Murphy Jan 12, 2018

If you have had a workers' compensation claim denied, a work injury lawyer from Murphy Law Firm can help with the appeal process. Let's explore…

Heavy Equipment Accidents: Considering Your Legal Options

Matt Murphy Dec 12, 2017

Accidents at construction and work sites that involve heavy equipment can result in catastrophic and fatal injuries. The legal team at Murphy Law Firm considers…

Social Security Hearing Delays: More than 1 Million People Waiting

Charla Tadlock Dec 5, 2017

Most people who receive Social Security Disability benefits are awarded benefits after a hearing with an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ).  It is a very bad…

Legal Options Following Amputation Injuries in Construction Accidents

Matt Murphy Nov 11, 2017

Amputations and other catastrophic injuries can occur in a construction accident. The legal team at Murphy Law Firm can help victims receive just compensation for…

Do I Need a Lawyer If I Am Hurt At Work?

Tommy Murphy Oct 19, 2017

Without legal representation, it can be very difficult for you or your loved ones to know your options, and enforce your legal rights. Workers' Compensation…

Receive Fair Compensation for Work Injuries and Falls

Matt Murphy Oct 11, 2017

Our attorneys at Murphy Law Firm discuss how they help clients receive fair compensation for work injuries and falls.

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